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Gypsum - Clay Breaker

Gypsum Clay Breaker is ideal to break down heavy clay soils for a better garden soil. Breaks up heavy clay soils by chemical exchange beyween the clay and the gypsum, improving soil structure and water penetration

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Jeffries Veggie & Garden Soil

This specially formulated Veggie & Garden Soil is the perfect solution for garden beds or veggie patches. While Jeffries Veggie & Garden Soil is a free-draining mix, it's organic matter retains moisture where it is needed most, and is full of rich nutrients to establish vibrant plant growth and beautiful home-grown veggies

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Jeffries Special Soil

Jeffries Special Soil is a blend of only the best ingredients, including Jeffries Organic Compost. It provides an open, free draining soil structure, while the compost contains vital organic nutrients and water retention benefits. Jeffries Special Soil is great for getting new lawns and gardens up and running

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Jeffries hydrocell Soil (BULK DELIVERED - MADE TO ORDER)

Hydrocell is an amazing product from Holland that holds water, air and nutrients for plant roots to access as required, and lasts for up to 7 years. Made with high quality ingredients, including Jeffries Organic Compost, this is a unique soil blend that has no peer

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