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Building Supplies

Port Adelaide Garden and Landscape Supplies can help you with the following Building Supplies:

  • Premix – Concrete sand & 10mm metal already mixed for your convenience.
  • 20mm Quarry Rubble – Sub base suitable for all paving or concreting.
  • Class 2 Recycle Rubble - Alternative sub base for paving or concreteing.
  • Moss Rocks – Select from a range of sizes, small to large , pick what you want.
  • Brick sand (Fatty Sand) – Either Golden Grove or Maslins sand used for brick work or as a base for swimming pools.
  • Quartzite Sand – Sand used for laying pavers on
  • Fine Washed Sand – Perfect sand for play pits or as for back filling trenches or holes.
  • Washed Concrete Sand- Sand used to mix with gravel to make concrete. Also used as a paving base for large format or clay pavers.
  • Packing Sand (PM64) - Ideal for packing around pipes in trench's or holes. Can be used for bedding sand for large format pavers.
  • Plasters sand – Sand used for plaster / render.
  • Dolomite Sand – Used as a base for Synthetic Turfs, also used as a sub base for foundation footings.
  • Firewood – Firewood available all year round, but perfect for winter.
  • Gas refills – Gas bottle refills and Quick Swap service available.
  • Permapine Sleepers - Great product to build a sand pit or raised garden bed with, can also be used to create a hard garden border / edge.
  • Building Supplies – bagged products
  • Basic Mortar Mix 20kg
  • Brightonlite Cement 20kg
  • Premium Cement 20kg
  • SL52 Mesh
  • Concrete reo Rod 12mm
  • Dried Sand 20kg
  • Gripcrete
  • Gripset Water Proofer
  • Slate / Paver Sealer
  • Hard Finish Plaster 20kg
  • Hydrated Lime 20kg
  • Concrete Mix 20kg
  • Oxides
  • Pavelock 20kg
  • Paveset 20kg
  • PLS 250 20kg
  • Rendercoat 20kg
  • Speed Set 20kg
  • Bar Chairs
  • Gas refills – Gas bottle refills and Quick Swap service available.
  • New Bottles available in store, varying sizes.