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Paving supplies Port Adelaide

At Port Adelaide Landscape / Building / Hardware we have a top range of pavers from all leading Adelaide paving manufacturers.

Our team can help you choose the right type of pavers for your driveway, retaining wall, back yard or supplies for commercial use. Check out our paving range below, feel free to come visit us or call on 8240 0333 and we will be more than happy to show you through the entire range of pavers, shapes, styles, and also provide you with tips and advice on the right type of pavers for your landscaping and building project.

Our Extensive Range of Adelaide Paving Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our customers love Playford Pavers, and we love helping our customers and clients find reliable, concrete products that are manufactured in South Australia following very high standards.

Comce visit PAGALS and we can show you how to add value to your investment with Playford Pavers extensive range.

If you’re/ looking for a unique architectural designs for your home or for a commercial site, Adbri Masonry have a fine selection.

Great for retaining walls, garden edge features, driveway paving and more. At PAGALS we will go through with you all your requirements to see if Adbri is a good fit for your residential or commercial requirements.

One of Australia’s most diverse building material manufacturers under the Brickworks Building umbrella.

Some of the product range includes retaining walls, pavers, bricks and masonry blocks. We know the paving range well and can help you visualise the right materials needed for you.

BEST Bricks & Pavers is widely used by landscapers, architects and the DIY home owner who loves to plan and get involved in the paving process to help save some money on paving costs and labour. Best Brick & Pavers manufacture their own products and meet the Australian Standards.

Boral is great for their segmental paving and retaining wall systems, as well as masonry blocks and bricks. The range is very extensive, come into PAGALS and we will share with you the range based on your requirements.

At PAGALS we can supply locally owned and operated pavers that are trusted with a high reputation, whilst being competitively priced. Coastal Pavers specialise in concrete pavers and concrete products.

For the wetcast concrete style products Customstone SA are well known for these types of concrete products. Typically great for driveways, patios, around the pool and pathways. if your wanting to add strength to your design and area then these are a great investment to your home.

Littlehampton Clay Bricks & Pavers are a leading supplier across Australia for over 100 years. Trusted and experts at clay bricks and pavers. Come in to PAGALS for more info.

PGH Bricks & Pavers are known for their very durable surface. Excellent for courtyards, patios, driveways and even alfresco! The range of colours are quite extensive and make it easy to find a colour to suit your outdoor area.

Quantum Stone is a third generation family who have mastered the cast stone manufacturing into one of Australia’s cast stone success story. So if you are looking for a cast stone finish then come in and we can help you find a suitable style for your paving project.

Riverstone pavers have a complete variety of paver types and finishes. Great for residential and commercial paving use. Riverstone pavers are also available at Port Adelaide Landscape / Building / Hardware.

For all your adelaide paving supplies. Have any questions?

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